Riddle me this: What’s green, grey, and covers 96,900 miles—four times the circumference of the earth?

Answer: One of the BILLIONS of dollars in private scholarship funds awaiting your applications

Seriously, think of all that cash—one billion dollar bills laid end-to-end circumnavigating the earth at least four times (and that doesn’t even take into account glacier melt, deforestation, or land erosion!)  Now, factor in the approximate 20 million college students, most of whom don’t apply for these funds. So, here’s another question: What’s your excuse for not applying?

Please don’t claim you’re busy. Haven’t you heard that there’s always one more cleaning in a tube of seemingly empty toothpaste?! I can’t tell you how many students I encourage to apply who actually win nice awards. Winning a thousand dollars here and there may not seem like much when viewed within the context of a college education overall, but a thousand dollars can equal book costs (especially if you check out Abe books or Amazon textbook rentals) and perhaps even some student fees. It adds up quickly.

I’m jumping ahead here, but think of applying for scholarships in the same way you’ll someday hear that you should pay yourself first when you land that first job. (In other words, contribute to your retirement fund/ savings account before you load up on daily lattes.) In the same way, you must be consistent and persistent when applying for these funds. Set aside a specific time to organize your scholarship searches and applications—and stick to that schedule, even when more enticing distractions arise. I have lots more tips for winning free money, but I have to give credit to Nike for already coining the best one: Just do it!



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