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School counselors’ time is divided more than ever,
and college guidance is often relegated to the back-burner. . .
with many students’ needs not being met.

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Students are needlessly stressed and anxious . . .

We can help!
We’ll give them the knowledge and tools
they won’t find anywhere else –
except from expensive, private consultants!

Topics covered include those expected… Plus:

Special needs & student populations
Digital tracking
Demonstrated interest
Succeeding with lackluster SAT/ ACT scores
Selective Service considerations
Manipulated college rankings. . . and much more!

We’ll provide students with:

Organizers & checklists
Attachments & downloads
Direct links
News articles
Ability to ask us questions . . . and more!

See What Our Clients Are Saying

“He absolutely loves you and your energy just makes me smile!” ~ Sean P


“My essay is so great and I feel really good about my applications, no matter what happens.” ~ Michelle M.

“It was such a great experience and made college preparing so easy!! Thank you for all you have done.” ~ Mark T


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p: 1-484-604-0444 | e: Support Team

We accept major credit cards.


What People Are Saying

“My essay was phenomenal and my application was stronger than I could have ever imagined. I have no doubt that I am headed to the right college for me and my future.”

~ Jen R

College Admissions Certified


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